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Step aboard...

and sail with us towards a future where zero waste, solar power, water maker and off-grid living are the norm


We’re committed to a greener world. Our houseboats are constructed using partially repurposed and recycled materials, minimizing ecological impact, from wood to aluminum.

Solar Panels

Utilizing the sun’s energy, our cutting-edge solar panels leaving behind an eco-friendly wake on the water.

Zero Emissions

Electric motors generate no emissions at the point of use, especially when powered by renewable energy sources, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

Water Maker

We value every drop. Our water maker converts seawater into clean and drinkable water, effectively lowering waste and minimizing our environmental impact.

Our off-grid houseboat provides a peaceful sanctuary for living in harmony with the environment. Escape urban chaos and embrace the tranquility of untouched waters


Elevating Innovation and Functionality

Explore the world of Smart Design on our Houseboat, where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of your experience. From convenient fingertip door locks to the ability to control lighting, music, heating, ventilation, and curtains through any device. Our houseboat offers a truly intelligent and convenient living environment.

Welcome to a houseboat where every moment is extraordinary

Solar Panels

MIPV is the latest in solar tech for efficient energy conversion. Unlike traditional systems, MIPV panels are lighter and more flexible and do not need extra support. They’re unbreakable, prevent output loss in shade, and require minimal maintenance with a self-cleaning top sheet. Less than 3mm thick, they seamlessly fit into any surface without wind noise.

Electric Motor Innovation

BlueNav offers 100% electric motors that eliminate vibrations, noise and emissions, guaranteeing immediate acceleration, surpassing conventional solutions. Inspired by nature, our engineers designed a propulsion system based on humpback whale fins. With Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) we crafted blades with serrations for improved water flow control. With full 360° thrusting capabilities, navigation becomes effortless. Our motors, free from a center shaft, minimize the risk of entanglement with ropes or fishing nets, ensuring smoother and safer journeys.

BlueNav drew inspiration from the best practices in the industry and found inspiration from the underwater industry, which values both performance and discretion.

Product description:

  • Maximum input power of 4 x 15.0kW
  • Comparable to a 4 x 25 HP petrol engine
  • Limited weight of 45 kg per motor
  • More than 90% efficiency
  • Fully waterproof (IP68)
  • Average sailing time of 4 to 6 hours – 48V 200Ah

Water Maker

Our watermaker ensures access to fresh water wherever you go. HP Watermakers produce up to 50 liters per hour and can be connected to batteries or solar sources, providing independence from marinas and ensuring a constant supply of water.

Spud Poles

Discover the ultimate anchoring solution for your houseboat! With our high-quality spud poles, mooring becomes effortless. Enjoy unparalleled stability, even in challenging water conditions. Our spud poles not only provide a firm anchorage in flowing water or tidal areas but also enable docking in tricky spots. Offering easy operation and adaptability to varying water depths, our spud poles are the ideal choice for safety and convenience.

Joystick Navigation

Navigate your houseboat effortlessly with our joystick control system, revolutionizing your boating experience. Enjoy precise and intuitive steering, making docking and tight-space manoeuvres a breeze. Gain confidence on the water with unparalleled convenience, ensuring smoother, more enjoyable adventures while maintaining absolute control at your fingertips

Control Panel

Step into the future of home living with our advanced Raymarine control panel. This cutting-edge technology controls lighting, music, temperature, ventilation, curtains and many more for every room, adapting to your habits. Experience a smarter, more personalized home today.

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